Tristate (NJ, NY, Connecticut)

NED Alumni Association of Tristate


By Anas Hashmi, General Secretary, NEDATS


NED Alumni Association of Tri-State (NEDATS) represents NEDians living in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

NEDATS was formed in 2009 with the objective to promote interaction and closer contact amongst its members for the benefit of NEDians and their Alma Mater. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with formal by-laws that control its actions, NEDATS is structured to thrive for many years to come. In the few years of its existence our organization has not only been able to create enthusiasm in alumni that promotes all that has been good about NED University, but has also nurtured continued friendships allowing us to celebrate as a big family. It is because of this zest a large number of alumni and their families are part of this convention and the majority of the sponsorships for the convention came from NED alumni associated with NEDATS.

While NEDATS organizes several events during the calendar year, its annual Eid Milan Party gets the most attendance. Eid Milan Party 2012 was held on September 8, 2012 at Hotel Sheraton in Edison, NJ. It was attended by 250 people and it was unfortunate that several interested alumni and their families were not able to join because of limited space.

One of the main goals of this organization is to create and setup mechanisms so NEDians and their families can benefit from each other especially in time of need. Last year, when a fellow alumnus suffered from a heart condition which led to a long term illness, a fund was created by NEDATS which successfully provided support to the family and share their financial burden.

With the help of generous donations from prosperous alumni, NEDATS has successfully setup four annual scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each awarded to deserving candidates determined by comprehensive evaluation criteria. These scholarships are provided to NED alumni pursuing a Master’s degree or children of alumni pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the United States. Last year, with help of funds saved from the convention, NEDATS was able to award an extra scholarship for a NEDian who was enrolled in Master’s program.

NEDATS quarterly newsletter, “Alumni Konnection” keeps members informed of the activities of the organization. This newsletter is sent via electronic mail to all registered members.

NEDATS enjoys unconditional support and encouragement from NEDians living in the tri-state area. We are very fortunate to be the home of many successful NEDian entrepreneurs, who not only take a keen interest in NEDATS activities but also play an active role by sponsoring various programs benefitting the NED community of the tri-state. NEDATS take this opportunity to thank the entire alumni community and sponsors for their continuous support and on their behalf we extend heartiest felicitations to NEDA-DC on hosting this year’s convention.