Southern California

NED Alumni Association of Southern California (NEDAASC)

NED Alumni Association of Southern California (NEDAASC)

Farhat H. Siddiqi, Past President, of the NED Alumni Association of Southern California (NEDAASC)

The mission of our organization is to serve as a forum to facilitate and enable the best interests and traditions of NED University and its alumni worldwide. We are dedicated to connecting alumni, students, and friends in lifelong support of the University and each other. Our membership has had a long-standing record with philanthropic activities and we firmly believe in giving back to our Alma matter, its students and faculty and community in large through the NEDAASC’s Charitable Organization. We are member  NED Alumni umbrella organization NEDIAN-NA.

He is  Principal Engineer of Geo-Environmental, Inc. has over 42 years of experience with an emphasis on foundation design, soil liquefaction studies, earthquake engineering, and design and construction of earth and rock-fill dams. Dr. Siddiqi holds bachelors degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and in Civil Engineering, a Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering.

Dr. Siddiqi’s expertise includes static and seismic stability analyses as well as geotechnical and seismic instrumentation of earthen dams. He has extensive experience in soil liquefaction evaluation for school, hospital, residential, and commercial sites, as well as power plants. He has worked on many projects involving soft ground improvement.

He is adjunct Professor at the University of California, Irvine, and is a member of the University’s Civil Engineering Affiliates. Dr. Siddiqi has also taught at the University of California, Davis and California State University at Sacramento. He has received research grants from various organizations including the National Science Foundation. He is a registered professional engineer in California and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.