Toronto, Canada


NED Alumni Association Canada (NEDAC) was founded in 2006 at Toronto. The basic objective of NEDAC is to promote interaction and closer contact among its member by such means as holding technical and social meetings, free lectures, seminars, training courses and other such activities for the welfare of NEDians settled in Canada.

It is a registered non-profit organization which is managed through 15 elected Board members within the framework of approved By-Laws. The office bearers are elected for a two years term. No office bearer is permitted to hold any office in the association for more than two consecutive terms.

During the last six years NEDAC has grown to greater heights and ranks amongst the most prestigious organizations in Canada. It has the largest number of registered members in North America totaling 396 life members. Its current President is Ismat Kamal (Civil -1966) who was elected twice for this position in fair and impartial elections.

NEDAC has provided assistance and mentoring services to the NEDians in obtaining professional engineering licenses, their skill upgrading, job searches and placement. The activities of NEDAC can be seen at the website: and information can be obtained at