NED International Alumni Network Of North America

The Desire, The Need!

Having lived in this part of the world, we have come to witness and appreciate the involvement of Alumni groups in North America in the supporting their Alma Mater. These groups not only support their schools with donations and endowments but are active in image-building activities of their institutions. We have thus observed, often with awe how, as a group, alumni associations have made a difference for their respective Alma Maters.

In the same vein, it has been the desire of many of us to create a similar active relationship between NEDians world-wide and together work at enhancing the status and reputation of NED. While we had the Alumni base eager to perform, we needed to clearly define objectives, strategies and time-lines to establish a mechanism to channel the enthusiasm and fervor of the NED alumni to accomplish these goals.
There had been NED Alumni organizations throughout North America, serving their members as well as NED, independent of each other. Since we believe that “the sum of the parts, is greater than the parts”, we decided that an “umbrella” organization would be more effective in coordinating efforts towards realizing goals that are common to all these groups.

The idea therefore, was to assemble the various NED Alumni Associations across North America, deliberate and form an “alliance” of these organizations. While the member organizations would continue to serve their respective local memberships, the North American NEDian “alliance” would work on matters of common interest. This organization would then communicate with other NED Alumni Associations (Middle East, Pakistan, etc) to create a “global” NEDian alliance.


As NEDians we share a bond with thousands others around the world. It is with this sense of camaraderie, NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago, decided to host NED 2010 Chicago – 6th International Alumni Convention) with the theme ‘Bringing NEDians Together’. The objective was not just to bring NEDians together for the weekend, but to create a broad, strong and long lasting NEDian alliance. Towards achieving this goal the Steering Committee of the NED 2010 Chicago (Convention), invited representatives from all NED Alumni Associations in North America plus individuals from regions with large NEDian population (but no formal Alumni Association) and formed the NED Alumni Outreach Committee (AOC). The AOC was made responsible for laying the groundwork for the formation of an International NEDian Alliance, starting with North America.

The first teleconference was held on April 04, 2012. Indeed, assembling the eight Alumni Associations of North America in a teleconference was a significant milestone, worthy of recognition and a congratulatory pause. In subsequent months the delegates worked hard leading to, on July 31, 2012, at NED 2010 Chicago: 6th Alumni International Convention the declaration of establishment of NED International Alumni Network of North America: NEDIAN-NA.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Develop a structure, which provides a strong framework for NEDians from different parts of North America (NA), while keeping all of the existing “regional” and “local” Alumni Groups intact, to collectively strive for the achievement of the Mission and Vision of NEDIAN-NA.
  2. Facilitate and nurture cooperation and building of understanding and relationship among its members and collectively work to promote the social and professional welfare of its members.
  3. To facilitate, support and assist the formation of regional and local NED Alumni Associations throughout NA.
  4. Support NED University in constantly improving and upgrading its resources and the quality of its education.
  5. To support engineering education, advancement of scientific knowledge and technology, innovation, and research in Pakistan and to become facilitator and conduit of new and emerging technologies from NA towards the goal of improving Pakistan’s social and economic development.
  6. To facilitate a greater and better understanding and networking amongst Pakistani engineers and between them and the people of NA.
  7. To support the efforts of those who would preserve, protect and enhance the reputation and services of the engineering profession in general and Pakistani engineers in particular and highlight contribution of successful Pakistani-American engineering/science professionals in NA in order to build and improve Pakistan’s image and standing in national and state capitals.
  8. Assist current NED students, with information and financially and to assist newly arriving NEDIANs in orientation and adjustment.
  9. To work with Educational and Professional Institutions in NA to create Alliances between them and NED
  10. To work with other alumni networks for the benefit of engineers and engineering institutions and to institute ways and means to cooperate with other engineering organizations in NA.
  11. To foster scientific development and education in the fields of science and technology, engineering and engineering management for the purpose of improving the quality of engineering and thereby the quality of life.
  12. Be involved in efforts to improve literacy, education and infra-structure of Pakistan.

Current Membership:

Currently, NEDIAN-NA has nine Member Associations, as follows

  • a. Charter Members:
    • NED Alumni Association of New England NEDAANE
    • NED Alumni Association of Silicon Valley NEDAASV
    • NED Alumni Association of Southern California NEDAASC
    • NED Alumni Association of Tri-state (NJ, NY & CT) NEDATS
    • NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago NEDEA
  • b. Full Members :
    • NED Alumni Association of Washington, DC NEDA-DC
  • c. Observer Members:
    • NED Alumni Association of Alberta NEDAAAB
    • NED Alumni Association of Houston NEDA-TX
    • NED Alumni Association of Canada NEDAAC


NEDIAN-NA has provided the platform for bringing NEDians together and combining our resources for the greater good of NED and NEDians. Some accomplishment, albeit small, have been:

  • Distribution of scholarships to NEDians, provided by various member Associations.
  • Last year funded NED Students’ Shell Eco Marathon, Malaysia auto project (with help from NEDA-DC, NEDAASC and NEDAATS). Funding the project again this year.
  • Last year, when an NEDian was disabled for an extended period of time, we were able to support the family, till the NEDian was able to work again.
  • Facilitating webinar classes for multiple disciplines, using available experts
  • Taking ownership of the Annual Conventions and host these in partnership with local NED Alumni Associations.
  • More recently, NEDIAN-NA has been in communication with the Administration of NEDUET to review and assist NEDUET in meeting and resolving NED’s current financial crisis
  • The single most significant accomplishment was the unanimous decision of NEDians at the DC Convention to establish NEDIAN Alumni Endowment Fund (NED ALEF).


Some of our aspirations for the years ahead are:

  • Provide technical support and know-how for students of NED
  • Become a Registered Education Provider – a program designed to enhance the ongoing professional development, (e.g. PMP, CCM, etc.)
  • Conduct technical seminars in collaboration with national professional organizations in USA and Pakistan
  • Coordinate and arrange special classes / seminars at the NED campuses.
  • Provide a bridge to the business community and chamber of commerce activities here (US and Canada) and in Pakistan.
  • Facilitate and or conduct feasibility studies on infrastructure projects in Pakistan in water resources, transportation, energy, environmental assessment and other subjects of interest.
  • Create job-boards to match NEDian (and other Employers) with NEDians.
  • Using NED ALEF, run financial assistance programs for students currently at NED
  • Using NED ALEF, establish a mechanism for funding (current NED) student projects
  • Using NED ALEF, finance faculty and student research projects at NED
  • Establish an International NEDians’ Alliance for enhanced performance of current and future functions of NEDIAN-NA.