103 Highway 6 S, Houston TX 77079

At last, a handful of NEDians assembled this year in Houston with an ambition to initiate the Houston Texas chapter of the NED Alumni Association and as a result NEDA – Texas was registered with the secretary of State in Austin, TX with intentions to encompass the members in Greater Houston and neighboring suburbs.

NED Alumni Association of Texas  , NEDA –Texas  shall be a non-profit, professional educational and social organization with dedications to the welfare of NED Graduates (NEDians) as its primary objective. The purpose of NEDA – Texas shall be to promote social activities and organize welfare efforts through the cooperation and the understanding among its members.  NEDA-TX shall promote friendly relations and understanding between NEDians and their families.

NEDA –Texas plans to hold variety of programs for the community to enhance community’s professional development and would effort to achieve all the goals which are essential to such an organization.

NEDA-TX at present, is still in the elementary stage and has recently acquired a space to designate its registered office desperately needed to further establish this Alumni Chapter, we are planning to apply for non-profit organization very soon and would effort to achieve all the vital activities required for a successful organization.

Our main resource is the presence of a large population segment in Houston migrated from Karachi Pakistan which has estimated hundreds of NED graduates working in the very esteemed organizations, city and state offices and more importantly owners of the businesses and construction.

Now as we are about to complete our base requirement we would effort to make all the efforts to register around 20 to 40 members and initiate the elections to formulate the first officially elected working body which could take responsibilities to speed up its social activities.

My sincerity and prayers to the success of all the chapters of our Alumni Association and I am confident the all the entities in the different part of USA must work together under one federation NEDIAN-NA so all the regional efforts could be enhanced to one major recognizable task under such arrangement. I also suggest all the regional Alumni members shall be the automatic members of the national federation so we could stand strong among such largestAlumni groups from Pakistan.

Finally, my best wishes to NEDA – DC to organize a successful event and hope someday all of the Alumni chapters could assemble in Houston as well. Long Live NED.

Mohammed Munawar



September 17, 2012