NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago

NED Engineers Associations (NEDEA) of Greater Chicago Activities during the year 2011-2012

NEDEA has provided the platform to promote friendly relations and understanding among the NEDians living in the greater Chicago area. It also provided the networking and employment assistance for its members. It arranges social and cultural programs and provides opportunity for family entertainment. Further, it provides a forum for business and professional development. NEDEA publishes monthly Newsletter that distributed to over 200 professionals in the greater Chicago area. At the annual dinner program, NEDEA also recognized members by awarding them in three areas:  Lifetime Achievement Award, Leadership Award, and Community Services Award.

During the year 2011-12 NEDEA has organized 9 programs, and 2 more programs are schedule on September 22, 2012 (Professional Seminar) and November 3, 2012 (Annual Dinner). The programs are as follow:

  1. Four Professional seminars
  2. Meet and Greet with NED University VC, Engineer Abul Kalam
  3. Two Annual Dinner programs
  4. Two Summer picnics
  5. Two Iftar dinners

NED Engineers Association (NEDEA) of Greater Chicago has granted scholarships to 24 Need-Based Students currently studying at the NED University. An award distribution ceremony was held on July 11, 2012, at the NED University.

NEDEA has also collected and donated $7,450 to Pakistan Flood Victims in 2011.

NEDEA, Chicago, has also collaborated with the Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA). NEDEA and AAAEA have discussed about the cooperation between the two associations and agreed upon the following:

  1. Promote and encourage members of both organizations to attend each other programs.
  2. Members from both associations will have access to the professional seminars that may help them earning the continuing education hours.
  3. Increasing professional networking.

NEDEA has revamped the website The newly design website is easy to use and provide lots of information and quick links to the websites of NED University and many NED Alumni Associations of North America.

Lastly, NEDEA is a member of NEDIAN-NA.

NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago

History of NEDEA

In August 1995, a handful of NEDians got together at Pakistan Day Parade at Warren Park, Devon Ave, Chicago.  The NEDians group decided to arrange a picnic and invite the NEDians who were residing in the Chicago Metropolitan area. The picnic was arranged at the Forest Preserve in Kane County. After the success of the picnic, 80 NEDians decided to arrange a meeting to establish the Association. The first meeting was held at Shabbir Hassan’s home basement in Carol Stream, IL to form an alumni association. Many of them did not even know each other as they belonged to different disciplines and different batches of NED. However, that ‘NED feeling’ was the common connection shared by all of them. They decided to formalize that connection and as a result NEDEA was formed. The association was named NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago, as it was intended to encompass members in Chicago, its neighboring suburbs, Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana.

The objectives planned for NEDEA were to provide a social platform for the NEDians and their families, to provide opportunities of professional growth and development for the NEDians, and to keep NEDians informed of employment opportunities in their respective fields. NEDEA over the years has played a significant role in bringing NEDians, living in the greater Chicago area, closer.

Today the organization has 150 members and is growing. It regularly arranges family picnic in the summer and a dinner in the winter. The annual dinner also serves as a General Body meeting. Besides this, NEDEA has also arranged educational seminars, Iftar parties, cricket matches and has participated in Pakistan day parade, among other activities. NEDEA has, over the years, also established and maintained contact with the Alma Mater in various capacities, including providing scholarships and technical and material assistance from time to time.

The founding Chairman of the organization was Mohammed Shabbir Hassan who served a two year term in 1997 & 1998. He was followed by Afzaal Hafeez, Tanweer Mallick, Khawaja Nizamuddin and Imtiaz Rehman, Khairulbashar Siddiqui, Anis Paya, and Haroon Sheikh who each served two year terms. The current NEDEA Chairman is Rashid Ahmed who has been elected for a two year term.

Initially, NEDEA had seven Board members including the Chairman. However, in 2007 the bye-laws were modified to downsize the Board and the number of members in the Board was reduced to five for more effective organization of NEDEA activities. NEDEA is a member of the Illinois Engineering Council and registered as a 501C-7 (Not-for Profit) Organization in the State of Illinois.

The founding Members of NEDEA were: Mohammed Shabbir Hassan, Afzaal Hafeez, Tanweer Mallick, Khawaja Nizamuddin, Imtiaz Rehman, Khairulbashar Siddiqui, Farhan Siddiqui, Arshad Ansari, Rehan Wahab, Mohammad Naeem Khan, Shamshad Wali and Syed Naeemuddin.