Mission Statement:

Establish and maintain a community of Alumni of NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan connected regionally, throughout North America (NA) and the world, by building and nurturing an educational and professional network of Alumni, Students, Faculty, Patrons and Friends of NED across business, industry, government and academia to enhance educational cooperation between NED and other educational institutions, benefit NEDians in particular, and the engineering community in Pakistan in general, to boost their image and professional standing, to enhance the image of NED and to strengthen NED.


NEDIAN-NA will be an umbrella organization of NED Alumni in North America, linking Alumni with NED, NED with the Alumni and Alumni with each other with the ultimate goal of uniting and empowering Alumni to serving and bettering our Alma-Mater NED and Pakistan.

Member Associations:

Currently, NEDIAN-NA has nine Member Associations, as follows

  • a. Charter Members:
    • NED Alumni Association of New England NEDAANE
    • NED Alumni Association of Silicon Valley NEDAASV
    • NED Alumni Association of Southern California NEDAASC
    • NED Alumni Association of Tri-state (NJ, NY & CT) NEDATS
    • NED Engineers Association of Greater Chicago NEDEA
  • b. Full Members :
    • NED Alumni Association of Washington, DC NEDA-DC
  • c. Observer Members:
    • NED Alumni Association of Alberta NEDAAAB
    • NED Alumni Association of Houston NEDA-TX
    • NED Alumni Association of Canada NEDAAC

The NEDIAN-NA is the national platform for NEDians in North America. It took 2 years to organize and move closer towards the goals set up by the Alumni Outreach Committee (AOC) in 2010 at the Chicago convention. The role of the NEDIAN-NA has been gradually evolving as we met at our annual conventions from New Jersey in 20122 and on to our Washington, DC convention in 2012. The unity and our ability to work together has been exemplary as exhibited by the democratic organization structure with input from partnering networks consisting of Silicon Valley (San Francisco / San Jose area), Southern California (greater Los Angeles), Houston, Chicago (includes Indiana, parts of Michigan, Iowa), Tri State (New York / New Jersey),New England (Connecticut), Alberta (Vancouver / Calgary-Canada), Toronto and Washington DC.

NEDIAN-NA has established an endowment fund. The fund is designed to be a vehicle for undertaking projects that will support our Alma Mater and NEDUET students as well as engineering projects within our local communities in North America. The NED Alumni Endowment Fund (NED ALEF) launched on October 10, 2012 in DC is being managed by NEDIAN-NA. NED ALEF will be jointly sponsored and funded by the network of the NED Alumni Associations across USA and Canada with support of friends and well wishers.

NEDIAN-NA has strengthened its ties as an umbrella organization with NEDUET, at the same time embracing the direct contributions of its networks to NEDUET. NEDIAN-NA provided financial and moral support to NEDUET team in competing at “Shell Eco Marathon, 2012” in Malaysia where The N5 vehicle achieved 103 kilometers per liter, highest in its category from Pakistan and stood 4th position in its category.

Our ongoing/future goals are:
1. To become a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), a program designed to enhance the ongoing professional development of PMI members, PMI credential holders, and other project management stakeholders by offering quality learning experiences and activities related to the field of project management.
2. Conduct technical seminars in collaboration with national professional organizations in USA.
3. Coordinate and arrange special classes / seminars by NED Alumni at the NEDUET campuses.
4. Compile a ready list of experts available in variable fields of engineering to facilitate webinar classes for multiple disciplines.
5. Provide a bridge to the business community and chamber of commerce activities here and in Pakistan.
6. Facilitate and or conduct feasibility studies on infrastructure projects in Pakistan in water resources, transportation, energy, environmental assessment and other subjects of interest.

7. Provide Financial Aide to deserving NED Students and Alumni working on Post Graduate Programs.

We love to promote our outstanding fellow alums for their achievements. A sample of just a few success stories that have been shared by NEDIAN-NA with its members, fellow alums and friends are:

Khawaja Nizamuddin, took charge as president of Structural Engineering Association of Illinois (SEAOI) which represents over 4000 practicing Structural Engineers; Nizam holds the honor of being the first South Asian to be elected to this post at SEAOI.

Dr. Jami J. Shah, Professor, Arizona State University received American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) CIE Lifetime Achievement Award “In recognition of his outstanding contribution to furthering the discipline of computers and information engineering”

Ashraf Habibullah, CEO of Computers and Structures, Inc. received the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) H. J. Brunnier Lifetime Achievement Award for changing “the practice of structural engineering for the better with his development of efficient and usable structural analysis programs, in addition to the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Charles S. Whitney Medal for “development of world-class computer applications”.

Dr. Faraz Hasan, CoAuthored the book “Intelligent Transport System” , a major addition to vehicular communications, Traffic Congestion Monitoring application and among other things intra-ISP and inter-ISP handovers.

Ms. Farhat Ishtiaq, an NEDian by education, received great recognition as an author and drama writer, with the most successful drama series of all times on HUM TV “HUMSAFAR” followed with a second hit “Mata-e-Jaan”. She has portrayed her characters working in engineering professions in her writings in a very positive light.

Professor Aquila Ismail’s book “Of Martyrs and Marigold” a story of her life in than East Pakistan 1970-1972.